Strengths Vs Challenges Of Indoor Farming Grow Media

Strengths Vs Challenges Of Indoor Farming Grow Media


In a world where soil depletion is happening right before our eyes, indoor farms have come into the picture in an effort, among other things, to lessen the burden as soil-based farmers race to reverse the effects of climate change and dismantle unsustainable farming systems.

For indoor farms, the responsibility to be selective about which grow media to use is one that can make a significant difference not just with crop growth, but also the environmental implications.  While grow media isn’t able to replicate nor substitute soil, it still supports the roots and stems of plants, similar to soil. The difference is that some may hold nutrients, while others may not. We give a snapshot of some key differences for the most popular grow media’s so indoor farms can make the most informed decision:

Rockwool strengths and challenges

Rockwool GHG emissions


Coco coir strengths and challenges
Peat strengths and challenges

The list above is by no means exhaustive but if this is something that your farm may be interested in learning more about and to see what alternative grow medias may exist, send us a message and we’d be happy to share more of our findings wherever possible.

By Riyana Razalee

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