• Increased Yields

    Our growers consistently achieve superior crop performance, characterized by rapid growth and, in most cases, maximized yields, depending on crop type and farming practices. We obtain renewable raw materials from organic sources.

  • Reliability & Consistency

    Re-Nuble's growing media seamlessly blends cost-effectiveness with environmental responsibility, providing growers with reliable and consistently high-performing growing media and mats for large farming operations and home growers.

  • Planet Friendly

    Crafted through efficient, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes using sustainable materials, our products empower growers to reduce their reliance on carbon-intensive inputs and transition towards a Closed-Loop Operation.

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For microgreens and baby greens, ReNu Terra Mats are automation-friendly and fully compostable

Re-Nuble Grow Media

Our ReNu Terra™ product line is a fully compostable and inert media for industrial and home growers. Offered in customizable mat sizes, plugs, blocks and slabs it uses proprietary fibers that are both certified Plastic-Free and 100% USDA Bio-Based. Plus, it's more affordable than leading alternatives and in many cases improves crop yield.

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  • Vertical Acres Farm

    "Yield. As a commercial grower, growing in the most efficient manner possible, while also achieving maximum crop yields is what we strive for. Re-Nuble is able to deliver by increasing our yields, and decreasing our grow times."

  • Amatek Technologies

    "We also experienced similar results with faster growth and higher yields."

  • Farm to Forage

    "Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Mats are an excellent choice for hydroponic production. I saw an immediate benefit after using their products. The staff and CEO are amazing and their mission is inspiring. I highly recommend working with them and using their products!"

  • Magki Farms

    "So far, we have had a positive experience in using the ReNu Terra Mats. We have grown a number of microgreens on the mats to include Bok choy, broccoli and mustard with great results."

  • Gather Farms

    "The Micro Mats that we normally use proved to have 2.49 ounces and your Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Mats yielded 2.96 ounces. The roots were much more pronounced on Re-Nuble's."

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Turn your farm into a circular, resource efficient operation. By helping to close the loop, Re-Nuble can return the value of your post production byproducts (e.g. wastewater, roots, and produce trimmings) into value. Decrease your dependence on external potable water and chemical inputs.

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Bringing Back Closed Loop Food

Re-Nuble stands as a research-infused enterprise committed to crafting eco-conscious solutions for the agricultural sector. Our approach revolves around partnering with nature to cultivate innovations that benefit both humanity and the environment, while also offering an improved and cost-effective experience for all growers, be they large farmers or home cultivators.

We're driving the agriculture sector towards greater responsibility and sustainability, aiming to eradicate landfill waste and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our inception was driven by the goal of assisting global agricultural communities in safely repurposing local food waste, as we endeavor to hasten the adoption of eco-friendly growing methods.

Our Products

Re-Nuble is an agricultural technology company that uses organic cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into a platform of sustainable products used by indoor commercial farms and home growers.


Our ReNu Terra™ product line is a fully home and industrial compostable and inert grow media. Offered customizable grow mats, plugs, blocks and slabs it uses proprietary fibers that are both certified Plastic-Free and 100% USDA Biobased. Plus, it's more affordable than leading alternatives.


Away We Grow® 4-1-1 Concentrate

Our water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrients sourced predominantly from sterilized vegetative waste.

By using Away We Grow®, a one acre farm eliminates 1.62 metric tons of CO2e from the atmosphere annually and removes 18.75 pounds of CO2e for every gallon of that would otherwise have been released from food waste sent to landfills.

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