ReNu Terra Radish Microgreens

Re-Nuble Case Studies: ReNu Terra Microgreen Mats

ReNu Terra - Grow Media Types

Shown are various microgreen mat types including coarse and fine hemp, jute, felt, and ReNu Terra.


It's finally here - Our case studies... Are ready! (To be specific, it's currently for our microgreens mats).

For months, we've had a clear goal: Present case studies that showcase the benefits of using our cost competitive, fully compostable and customizable grow media, ReNu Terra. So we went to work! I suppose in some ways we were being perfectionists about it in order to create the best climate-smart agriculture input, which is why it has taken longer than we would have liked. But our goal was quality, affordability, and responsible sustainability - to the point that we would have internal debates on how to improve the quality of our data even further.

Some highlights that our Senior Director of Research & Development, JC Chidiac, confirmed from his trials of our ReNu Terra Microgreens Mats were (in his words):

  • Perfect germination of all species
  • Evenly consistent, early and mature root penetration
  • No significant mold occurrence
  • Harvest was very, very easy, and mats held together in one piece

We’ll let you see it for yourself by reading this full case study here.

We intentionally designed our ReNu Terra mats for affordability, customization,  production efficiencies, and responsible sustainability. Ask us how these priorities led us to be more affordable than leading mat alternatives for microgreens, troughs, gutters, and custom dimensions by contacting us HERE.


 ReNu Terra Radhish Microgreens

Radish grown with ReNu Terra Microgreens Mats


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