Re-Nuble Case Studies: ReNu Terra Sprouts Sheets

Re-Nuble Case Studies: ReNu Terra Sprouts Sheets

Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Sprouts Production

In our previous publication, we touched upon the case studies for our microgreens mats made from ReNu Terra, our newest product for climate-smart agriculture. It’s a cost competitive, fully compostable and customizable grow media, which provides:

  • Quality
  • Affordability, and
  • Responsible sustainability

This week, we look at our ReNu Terra Sprouts Sheets. Our Senior Director of Research & Development, JC, shared some findings from his trials of our sprouts sheets and he concluded the following:

  • Higher water retention of sprouts sheets
  • Saved 60% of harvest time due to ease of use
  • Flavor intensity for some sprouts more evident when grown on ReNu Terra

Ultimately, not only did we see higher yields for sprouts such as alfalfa, cress, and buckwheat, but the taste was also excellent. We’ll let you see it for yourself by reading this full case study HERE.

We intentionally designed our ReNu Terra mats for affordability, customization,  production efficiencies, and responsible sustainability. Ask us how these priorities led us to be more affordable than leading sprouts sheet alternatives, and custom dimensions by contacting us HERE


Re-Nuble Sprouts On a Plate

Cress grown on a ReNu Terra sprouts sheet


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