Press Release: Re-Nuble Celebrates its Expansion into Rochester with Experiential Manufacturing Tour

Press Release: Re-Nuble Celebrates its Expansion into Rochester with Experiential Manufacturing Tour

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Re-Nuble Celebrates its Expansion into Rochester with Experiential Manufacturing Tour
The NYC-based agricultural technology organization looks to foster more sustainable growing practices through its unique hydroponic nutrient product line, now manufactured in Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY (October 13, 2021)­ – Re-Nuble, a for-profit social enterprise and agricultural technology company, today officially celebrated its expansion into the Rochester market with an experiential facility tour at its Eastman Business Park location. This marks the first public event at the location since the NYC-based company selected the facility in 2019; manufacturing is slated to begin this month. Specializing in its Organic Cycling Science™ (OSC) approach, Re-Nuble built its reputation as a rising startup by transforming food waste into a plant-based, water-soluble organic nutrient designed for indoor farming cultivation. The company hopes its product line fuels more sustainable, environmentally friendly growing practices.

“We explored the region extensively and ultimately, selected Rochester for our manufacturing efforts because of the city’s proximity to many of our partners—including the area’s major wholesale produce distributors and food processors—and for the immense talent that is available here,”  said Tinia Pina, Founder and CEO of Re-Nuble. “Between the pool of applicants from a manufacturing perspective, the strength of the local universities, and the economic growth opportunity that Monroe Country itself presents, we know it was the right decision.”

The organization plans to hire at least 20 employees in the next 18 – 24 months as it ramps up its manufacturing efforts. Re-Nuble’s nutrients are designed for indoor farming use, like hydroponics. Pina notes that they are helping growers to overcome the natural challenges of delivering water-soluble crop nutrients to plants in sterile hydroponic or soilless systems, including removing the risks of pathogens. Verified and tested through third-party farm trails, its products are helping farmers achieve more standardized growing results with optimal nutrient intake.

At today’s event, Pina kicked-off the tour by introducing guests to Re-Nuble's unique OSC approach, where the organization converts unrecoverable vegetative food waste (including plant extracts and verified vegetative food byproducts) into commercial-grade, water soluble organic hydroponic nutrient products. Guests had a chance to see firsthand the locally sourced, raw ingredients that go into the nutrient line, as well as view the machinery, and gained a better understanding of the closed-loop,zero-waste production process. Unlike competitors, —and as a carbon negative process, they effectively place nutrients back into the food supply chain for continuous reuse.

According to Pina, “The last few years have been a bit of whirlwind as we’ve completely revamped our manufacturing process due to COVID19-related cash constraints and introduced new products so indoor farms can grow their crops cost competitively and sustainably. We’re very excited to have the opportunity to show the community what we’ve been up to and how our products have been shifting the world of indoor farming.”

Re-Nuble’s product line currently includes:

  • Away We Grow© Organic Hydroponic Nutrient Line – a hyper-concentrated, water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrients sourced predominantly from sterilized, unrecoverable vegetative waste. By using Away We Grow©, a one acre farm eliminates 1.62 metric tons of CO2e from the atmosphere annually and removes 18.75 pounds of CO2e for every gallon of that would otherwise have been released from food waste sent to landfills. 
  • Booster Shot©Biostimulant – a water-soluble, liquid biostimulants sourced exclusively from sterilized, unrecoverable vegetative waste, and plant extracts. Booster Shot© helps promotes vigorous root growth as a germination accelerant and immunity enhancer. 
  • ReNuTERRA™– 100% compostable, sterilized grow substrate that features a combination of micronutrients for optimal plant growth, is heat and UV ray treated, and touts high water saturation and retention.  

Re-Nuble first made its mark in the New York agricultural community as a finalist in Grow-NY’s global food and agricultural business competition 2019, and then again, during the 2020 competition where they earned an “Audience Choice” award, which includes $10,000 in prize money sponsored by Wegmans. Last year, the company made more headlines as the grand prize winner of FuzeHub’s highly-competitive Commercialization Competition, earning the sought after $50,000 grand prize.

To learn more about Re-Nuble and it’s innovative technology solutions, visit 

About Re-Nuble
Re-Nuble is an MWBE-certified, for-profit social enterprise and agricultural technology company that uses organic cycling science™ technology to transform unrecoverable vegetative food byproducts into a platform of sustainable technologies for indoor farms. To learn more, visit 


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