Why I Started Re-Nuble

Why I Started Re-Nuble

Written by: Tinia Pina

It's hard to believe that almost three years have passed since we first started Re-Nuble. We've come quite a way in such a short period of time - thanks on behalf of our team for your incredible support!

You may have seen that we're launching something called Early Adopter Program, and you're wondering what it's all about. I thought I'd take the opportunity to share our story so far, and let you in on our vision.  

Where the Idea Came From

The Re-Nuble story started several years ago. The idea came about while I was dealing with two personal struggles while living in Harlem (NYC): finding responsibly produced, nutritious food in my community and figuring out a way to manage the food waste that seemed to amount larger than the space I could dispose it in. Every time I looked at our bokashi bin I cringed at how much could be reused from the scraps generated from each week's meals.

It made me realize that in the future, organic waste management would be different. It would be collaborative, restorative, and a viable resource to help us displace chemicals in the use of products and in the use of growing our food. I asked myself, why can't we use the same natural elements found in food to create products? That's when the idea for Re-Nuble was born.

That was three years ago - how things have changed! We launched Re-Nuble just three months ago, and have already grown to at least twenty-five farms committed to testing our first line of hydroponic fertilizer products. I'm sure you'll agree - that's not much growth Tinia, but we're taking our time in working with hobbyists, farmers and growers in this program to ensure that our fertilizers can reliably meet their needs for food production and ultimately displace the use of chemicals in indoor agriculture.  


Where We Are Today

Recently, we made a relationship with a local wholesale produce distributor to begin testing the ability to process their on-site food waste into our liquid hydroponic fertilizer products. We're also working with a university to increase our research and development capabilities to empower farmers and operators with our process and enable them to treat and manage localized organic waste for the sustainable production of fertilizer.

Every person that grows food that we've spoken to prefers organic-based alternatives and strongly supports the idea of producing food in sustainable, closed loop systems. Yet, most haven't found a food waste derived product that can consistently grow food without creating the problems such as clogging and bacteria or algae growth in one's indoor growing system. Most also haven't recognized an efficient way to reuse their own on-site agricultural waste.

We think Re-Nuble has the potential to entirely transform the way we utilize our waste streams: at the farm and at the regional level. We can't say too much just yet, but you'll receive more updates very soon. Hopefully, it'll save you and your team time and money, and restore your faith in non-toxic fertilizer alternatives.

Happy growing!

Tinia Pina, CEO and Founder  

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