Re-Nuble Featured On The Sustainable Living Podcast

Re-Nuble Featured On The Sustainable Living Podcast

By Tinia Pina

When I was invited by The Sustainable Podcast Founder, Marianne West, to be interviewed I was ecstatic for reasons different than one would traditionally think as the owner of a small business. Yes, podcast interviews are a great way to increase the visibility of your brand and craft your story in ways that is perhpas more difficult in other communication modalities but I was eager because it allowed me to talk in a familiar space on topics such as consciousness, spirituality, and growing our own food as self-empowerment. Several of these topics may appear as 'fringe' to the the larger public audience but I have always been driven by the interconnection of these three interests because it reveals my personal connection to food. As an individual and through Re-Nuble, I am committed to education and empowering our communities about how to use food to make better lifestyle decisions using methods that promote self-healing and nourishment.

Marianne did a fantastic job dissecting the relationship of each of the above topics and relating it to our global food system. We both hope that you enjoy!


Interview with Marianne West - Outline

1:00  Introducing Tinia Pina and Re-Nuble  

3:00  What is Hydroponics?

6:12 Different Hydroponic systems

  • NFT  short for Nutrient Film Technique
  • Deep Water Pool Technique

7:00 Re-Nuble gives the same results as mineral fertilizers which is difficult if not impossible to achieve with other organic fertilizers. The best part, Re-Nuble is made from organic food waste.

7:30 Even Ikea sells hydroponic system

  • most common crops: basil and other herbs, lettuce, tomatoes
  • can be grown indoors or in a protected outdoor area

8:30 Why Tinia started the company which makes fertilizer from food waste

  • Work in the financial service industry
  • Volunteer work with New York Cares
  • Awareness of food waste on one side and bad nutrition for the students on the other
  • Consciences and spiritual person

12:50 New York City Ag Collective 

  • Bringing food to underserved areas
  • Teaching skills to High school students
  • New York Sunworks is doing a great job already

17:25  Vertical Farming and repurposing of empty warehouse spaces

19:25  Rooftop Farms

            Gotham Greens

            Brooklyn Grange

19:52  Aquaponics


21:00 Ways to follow Re-Nuble and Tinia – Website and social media links:

           (1.) Company website:

          (2.) Twitter:

          (3.) Google +:

          (4.) Facebook:

          (5.) Instagram:

          (6.) Pinterest:

22:00  Sourcing locally and what is organic.


You can listen to the episode here.

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