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Re-Nuble Featured On The Aggrand Podcast!

Our Founder had the pleasure of being interviewed by Tim Hammerich, Co-Founder of AgGrad, a agriculture talent agency that seeks to become the premier resource for careers in agriculture.

Tinia is featured on episode number 34, entitled, "Utilizing Food Waste for Urban Agriculture with Tinia Pina of Re-Nuble".

As quoted on, "The United States has a shortage of people who want to work in agriculture. We’ve gone from most of the population to only one percent of people working in this industry. There are fewer people with farms and a lack of individuals who want to make long lasting and meaningful careers in agriculture.

There is something we can do about attracting interest in farming, though, such as enticing professionals from other industries to pivot into urban agriculture, like our guest Tinia Pina did. Tinia worked in the financial sector until she learned about the problems that existed related to entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture. Today she is the founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, a New York City company that converts food waste into organic fertilizer.

 On today’s show, Tinia shares the story of how she established Re-Nuble, and shares her insights about food waste and what it’s like to be a minority entrepreneur in the agriculture industry.

 “The lack of proper nutrition and fresh available food options impacts our future generations.” Tinia Pina"


  • Tinia talks about how teaching her students opened her eyes about food.
  • We talk about the supply chain that supplies organic food scraps.
  • She cites reasons why the company may not be using all the waste that is produced in the city.
  • Tinia tells us who her typical customers are.
  • She explains OMRI certification in relation to Re-Nuble.
  • Tinia tells us about her transition from the financial world to a full-time career in agriculture.
  • She shares her vision on the issue of food waste.
  • She fills us in on what the urban agriculture/ag-tech scene is like in New York.
  • Tinia tells us how she attracted her first customers.
  • She shares her thoughts on competition.
  • She discusses the disadvantages to being a minority in the agriculture sector.

 You can listen to the episode here.

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