What Is Korean Natural Farming And How Re-Nuble Is Relevant

What Is Korean Natural Farming And How Re-Nuble Is Relevant

By Re-Nuble Team


The Re-Nuble loop upcycles food waste from local distributors and restaurants to create  safe, organic-based fertilizers. The sustainably produced Re-Nuble fertilizer products have shown to cultivate similar bacteria that Korean Natural Farming (KNF) also aims to grow with biofertilizers.


KNF aims to use readily accessible ingredients and materials to utilize indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) to strengthen soil health and cultivate crops for that local area. To fertilize the soil for cultivation, there are several “recipes” to create the microorganisms.  Some examples of this are bacteria and fungi, as well as, awaken innate indigenous microorganisms.



The KNF nutritive cycle theory exclaims that different stages of plant growth require varying level of nutrients for the crop and in the soil at different stages. There are many recipes that requires fermentation of foods and extraction of minerals from food waste. A common microorganism used in KNF is Lactobacillales, also known as lactic acid bacteria, are a class of anaerobic organisms that works to improve oxygen circulation in the soil and thus, help plants grow more quickly.



The lab analysis of Re-Nuble samples, identified organisms in the same biological classification, or taxonomic rank as the organisms found in KNF. All the following organisms fall into the category of the Bacillus genus, which are rod-shaped bacterium. Bacteria used in KNF include Bacillus subtilis, which help reduce fruit rot. The closely-related bacteria found from Re-Nuble samples include Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Bacillus licheniformis, which help plant root handle high salt concentrations and nutrient cycling, respectively.



From reading this explanation, you can now understand how the Korean natural farming (KNF) techniques are fairly similar to those of Re-Nuble.  Our remedy of organic fertilizers are able to produce the necessary microorganisms within the plants that you would find in the KNF method. By using our three different organic fertilizers, one is able to cultivate high quality plants, reaching optimal growth, with only three products!

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