Team Reflections: The Meaning of Agriculture Resiliency (Rahul)

Team Reflections: The Meaning of Agriculture Resiliency (Rahul)

Agriculture resiliency indoor farming

For the next few weeks, we plan on sharing some insights and reflections from our team members on key topics related to the world of agriculture and indoor farming. We then include real-life examples which add colour to the reflections of our team members.

This week, we asked our COO, Rahul Bhansali, "What does controlled environment agriculture (CEA) resiliency look like to you? 

These are Rahul's reflections:

To me, in order to have resiliency, there must be innovation. I would
take that a step further and say that there must be innovation in three

Firstly, the infrastructure of CEA installations - minimizing power use, failure points, as well as maintenance and capital cost, in order to maximize the output needed to make CEA a reliable, global source of

Second is with regards to innovation in CEA inputs - How 
can we use renewable sources of inputs, nutrients, substrates, electricity, and lighting to make CEA as close to fully sustainable as possible. Re-Nuble is the leader in this second space.

Thirdly, in sales 
and distribution - How can we build distribution networks that prioritize local sales, and compile small scale farmers into a single, simple, straightforward selling infrastructure that maximizes nutrition, reduces waste, and has an internal recycling mechanism.

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