Team Reflections: The Meaning of Agriculture Resiliency (Jeff)

Team Reflections: The Meaning of Agriculture Resiliency (Jeff)

Controlled environment agriculture resiliency

For the next few weeks, we plan on sharing some insights and reflections from our team members on key topics related to the world of agriculture and indoor farming. We then include real-life examples which add colour to the reflections of our team members.

This week, we asked our Manufacturing Manager, Jeff Scott "What does controlled environment agriculture (CEA) resiliency look like to you? 

These are Jeff's reflections:

believe controlled environment agriculture (CEA) should be capable of adapting to different types of crops. As different regions of the country have varying consumer tastes, it is important that adaptability of alternative inputs be sensitive and adaptable to local and regional preferences.

As someone who works in this field, I feel that 
the top 3 priorities for us to improve resiliency are:

1. Crop Flexibility
New inputs and components must be adjustable to accommodate different crops.

2. System Sensitivity
As there are many types of nutrient and water dispersant systems, new inputs and components must be able to be used in any type of closed system as is.

3. Lifecycle Parity
Resiliency should include new inputs that have a shelf life and performance lifecycle equal to or greater than current inputs.

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