Meet Shirley Dong, Our Field Research Summer Intern

Meet Shirley Dong, Our Field Research Summer Intern

By Re-Nuble Team

Shirley is the second summer intern, also from The City College of New York, that our team was equally blessed by this year to have. Joined by Lena, Shirley adds a strong knack for challenging data, making evidence-based results a priority for our customers and contributing to our commitment to making the increased availability of nutrition more of a mainstream topic in our food system and culture. Majoring in chemistry, we hope to shape Shirley's future consideration to pursue a career in agriculture or at the very least food chemistry. There is much to be taken away in this exciting industry and, if anything is learned this summer, our two interns realize the impact of how our food is being grown and the decisions made today to help lessen's its impact on our environment.

1. What inspired you to want to work with Re-Nuble?

I was inspired to work with Re-Nuble after hearing about their focus on converting food waste into a more productive form and a genuine interest in energy efficient, sustainable practices. Moreover, I was drawn in by the company’s interests in running field studies on the impact of its unique organic fertilizers on crop yield and nutrient content, an area where my prior experiences with hydroponics and conducting experimental trials would be utilized.



2. Do you have a green thumb and how do you practice it?

My family and I grow a few fruits and vegetables in our garden, like okra and pear. I also grow red and white roses, and I am interested in planting a few tulips soon.



3. What does a Sustainable NYC mean to you and how do you envision Re-Nuble fitting into that vision?

A Sustainable NYC is a flourishing, self-efficient metropolis that can meet the needs of its community. Re-Nuble can help combat the issue of food resources in the growing population, as well as reemerge how we treat waste.



4. How do you practice aspects of a circular economy/sustainability at home?

I place disposables in their proper recycling bins and participate in the New York City’s Organics Collection Program. I also try to limit my use of plastics by using reusable containers, Brita filters, and solar power lights.



5. What would you like to see Re-Nuble do differently for cities that other companies or brands have failed to do so or have not invested the efforts in creating?

I would like to see Re-Nuble work with students, especially inner-city students, to grow fresh foods for the meals. Reaching out to the youths in the community is one of the many ways to inspire them to eat healthy, as well as be better stewards and stewardesses of planet Earth.

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