Meet Our Business Development Lead: Patrick Silas

Meet Our Business Development Lead: Patrick Silas

What inspired you to want to work with Re-Nuble?

I was inspired to join Re-Nuble to become part of a team that is making a major impact in sustainability. I am passionate about our environment and my beliefs align with Re-Nuble’s core values and mission and that makes it easy to apply myself in every way possible.

Do you have a green thumb and how do you practice it?
I’m not the head of a gardening club but I do love to help around my family’s flower bed and garden that includes an assortment of peppers and berries.  I also help to maintain the landscape for our inclusive community garden.

What does a Sustainable NYC mean to you and how do you envision Re-Nuble fitting into that vision?
A sustainable city in my eyes is a place where trash and waste are reduced significantly. Many metropolitan areas have this problem, and it will take a collective effort to help reduce waste. Re-Nuble’s sustainable agriculture impact contributes to a positive change for greener cities.

How do you practice aspects of a circular economy/sustainability at home?
We practice sustainability everyday by making sure we properly recycle, using re-usable bags to reduce one-time plastics, and composting.

What would you like to see Re-Nuble do differently for cities that other companies or brands have failed to do so or have not invested the efforts in creating?
I would like to see Re-Nuble continue to partner and invest with local communities that show promise in creating new sustainable practices.  Making sure there is equity in entrepreneurship within the ag/agtech space is critical to it’s growth and success.

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