Meet Our Manufacturing Team: Jill & Ella

Meet Our Manufacturing Team: Jill & Ella

At Re-Nuble, our team is fueled by a shared passion for sustainability and a dedication to creating a greener, healthier future. Let's introduce you to two of our Manufacturing Team Members who bring their magic touch to the creation of our products, Jill and Ella. Both of these women bring unique perspectives and expertise to our mission.

Ella's Inspiration
Ella was drawn to Re-Nuble by the glowing reputation of its environmentally conscious work culture. When asked about her inspiration to work with us, she shares, "I was told about how great the environment there is." Her commitment to environmental stewardship aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionize the way we approach waste and agriculture.

Jill's Drive
Jill's enthusiasm stems from Re-Nuble's commitment to producing organic, biodegradable products while minimizing waste and eliminating toxic chemicals. She expresses her excitement, saying, "I'm thrilled to be working with a company that strives to have organic and biodegradable products with less waste and no toxic chemicals." Her dedication to sustainable practices drives innovation within our team.

Green Thumbs at Work
Both Ella and Jill boast green thumbs, nurturing plants and promoting sustainability in their daily lives. Jill shares, "I appreciate growing plants and encourage my family to learn and respect plants and gardening." Meanwhile, Ella tends to her own garden, honing her green thumb skills firsthand.

Embracing Sustainability at Home
Ella embodies the principles of a circular economy by composting food scraps in her garden instead of discarding them. Her commitment to reducing waste extends beyond the workplace, reflecting our team's dedication to sustainable living practices.

Future Vision
Looking ahead, Ella envisions a waste-free future for Re-Nuble, emphasizing the importance of continual innovation and progress in sustainability efforts. Her vision aligns with our ongoing commitment to pioneering solutions that prioritize environmental responsibility.

Learn About Their Perspectives on Being Women In Manufacturing
To delve deeper into Ella and Jill's perspectives on being women in the manufacturing industry, be sure to watch our video here. Their insights shed light on the importance of diversity and inclusion in driving sustainable innovation forward.



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