Re-Nuble Closed Loop Agriculture Focused Team - Nisrine Hafid

Meet Our Intern: Nisrine Hafid

Nisrine Hafid Re-Nuble Intern Station 1 Fellow

What inspired you to want to work with Re-Nuble?
There were a variety of reasons that made me choose Re-Nuble. The main factor of my decision, however, was seeing how focused Re-Nuble is on being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. In a time where climate change is threatening the earth’s environment, it feels that only sustainable things will be able to last in the future. Therefore, I had a desire to work with a green company that would benefit the environment rather than make a negative impact on it. The sustainability of the technology Re-Nuble is working on is inspiring. To be able to work with a group of individuals that actively care about improving the farming industry as well as trying to limit useless waste production gives me hope for the sustainability of the future.

Do you have a green thumb and how do you practice it?
Yes, I do have a green thumb. There are many ways to practice a green thumb in the world. For instance, gardening is a great way to maintain a green thumb. There are some flowers in my backyard that my family and I like to take care of as it makes the backyard more lively. I also help water vegetable plants that my parents plant in the backyard. We are trying to implement more ways to have a green thumb such as getting more plants to put and take care of inside the house. We are also trying to grow various types of vegetables ourselves in the backyard.

What does a Sustainable NYC mean to you and how do you envision Re-Nuble fitting into that vision?
A sustainable NYC, to me, means a community that tries its best to actively participate in aiding environmentally-friendly ideas and actions. Everyone in the community specializes in gaining knowledge of a certain subset of sustainability to then come together and share it with those who specialized in another area. Re-Nuble does this by focusing their effort on studying food waste and how they could find a way to reuse it to aid the environment instead of negatively impacting it. Re-Nuble fits that vision since they specialize in a certain area pertaining to the technology of food waste and can thus share that knowledge with farmers, etc through their products.

How do you practice aspects of a circular economy/sustainability at home?
Sustainability is a big part of my life at home. One key thing that I have started doing to be more sustainable is using reusable bottles rather than the plastic ones. This helps limit the plastic waste I create by drinking from those water-bottles and in turn helps the environment creating a circular economy as it drives sustainability. My input was to stop drinking from plastic water bottles, the output was less plastic waste from me going into the environment. Essentially, I try to follow a rule that if I can afford it then I can afford to be sustainable with it. Since I can afford a reusable water bottle, I focus on using that instead. I also apply this to other products I used to get that I have recently found to not be so environmentally-friendly.

What would you like to see Re-Nuble do differently for cities that other companies or brands have failed to do or have not invested the efforts in creating?
I would like to see Re-Nuble continue to actively work on maintaining their sustainability and green thumb as it can directly aid the cities around them. For instance, many companies often sacrifice that green thumb in exchange for more production or for a huge increase in financial gains thus making them more likely to harm the environment of the city. If Re-Nuble could find a way to continue being sustainable in the city despite certain challenges thrown at them then they would be ahead of other companies or brands that have failed to do so.
Expansion around the city is also great as sharing this product and knowledge with more farmers/individuals could lead to even more food waste being used for the good of the environment.

Nisrine Hafid Re-Nuble Intern Station 1 Fellow

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