Meet Our Growth Marketing Manager: Manali Hanamsagar

Meet Our Growth Marketing Manager: Manali Hanamsagar

What inspired you to want to work with Re-Nuble?

I've been watching Re-Nubles progress from afar for the past almost two years. I've always been impressed by the mission and the ethos of what Re-Nuble stands for and the problem that is being solved.

Do you have a green thumb and how do you practice it?

I like to think I do...but my plants would say otherwise. However, I keep trying! I do try and help out in local community gardens when I go back to LA.

What does a Sustainable NYC mean to you and how do you envision Re-Nuble fitting into that vision?

A sustainable NYC looks like areas that are known to be food deserts being given the resources to sustainably and cost-effectively produce their own fresh veggies and have access to their own eco-system of produce. It means not having to pay an enormous amount of money to have access to nutritious veggies. I see Re-Nuble playing a part in this specifically in the homegrowers end of things, by providing and educating the community on how to grow their food, and what it takes. This way, the next generation is more educated and has the resources to go to places like community gardens or grow their own lettuce or radishes.

How do you practice aspects of a circular economy/sustainability at home?

Composting and recycling!

What would you like to see Re-Nuble do differently for cities that other companies or brands have failed to do so or have not invested the efforts in creating?

Create an avenue for self-sustainability for the everyday community. Real change happens when people like you and me learn to consistently be self sustaining and do it for the good of the climate. Education, resources and follow-through is what is lacking.

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