Meet Erin Mayoyo, Our Summer Intern

Meet Erin Mayoyo, Our Summer Intern

By Tinia Pina

Like Natalya, Erin also joined us as part of an internship program managed by the Brooklyn Navy Yard's Development Corporation. Coincidentally enough, she too is currently studying for her Bachelors Degree in Communication Design at CUNY New York City College of Technology. However, Erin joins us all the way from Arizona where topics such as controlled environment agriculture, and water conservation are more salient due challenges related to available natural resources. Erin introduces experiences unique to our team and similar to Tamara and Natalya, fresh perspectives that we hope to instill in our brand.


1. Why you chose Re-Nuble to join this summer?

I applied to Brooklyn Navy Yard’s internship program and was selected to join Re-Nuble this summer. I am grateful to have joined Re-Nuble and excited to see this company grow.

2. Do you have a green thumb and how do you practice it?

 Not really, but I have started to grow my basil thanks to our visit to Gotham Greens.

3. What does a Sustainable NYC mean to you and how do you envision Re-Nuble fitting into that vision?

I think a huge problem within the U.S. is overconsumption. NYC has been making more efforts to create a more sustainable city. I envision a sustainable NYC as a city that could reduce and/or reuse waste for future generations. Re-Nuble can make huge contributions to this city, especially within the urban farming communities. One way the city can utilize its rooftop spaces is by creating sustainable spaces for urban farming.

4. How do you practice aspects of a circular economy/sustainability at home?

Although I do not actively practice a sustainable lifestyle, I do try to live a minimalistic lifestyle. I'm trying to look for opportunities to reuse or recycle materials to reduce waste and overconsumption.

5.  What would you like to see Re-Nuble do differently for cities that other companies or brands have failed to do so or have not invested the efforts in creating?

I feel that a lot of companies and brands fail to give back to their communities and/or fail to support their intended values and goals. I’d like to see a company like Re-Nuble be true and transparent to who they claim they are and what they stand for. I’d like to see Re-Nuble be involved and active within their communities to create sustainable solutions others can follow.

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