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Get To Know Our Grow Media: ReNu Terra & Versatility

Versatility grow media compostable


In our final introduction of ReNu Terra, our fully compostable grow media, we now go into the versatility of our product. Compared to a year ago, when ReNu Terra was first brought to light for the indoor farming community, a lot has been worked on. Ultimately, our goal was to get the best product out on the market. We knew we could push the boundaries even more, especially in the realm of climate-smart agriculture. So, this is what we’ve achieved so far! Whether it’s the optimization of sustainability, or ensuring that its performance is at par or better than industry standards.

Without further ado…

This week, we look at: VERSATILITY - 

We have formulated the ReNu Terra line of products to provide a clean, inert or neutral start, the perfect balance of air and moisture, and to maintain their ideal physical properties as long as they are in use. Any indoor grower will tell you that great grow media needs to be pathogen and pest free. It also needs to be able to provide ideal conditions for healthy root growth in a stable manner for as long as an indoor grower’s crop cycle lasts. Compared to the alternatives, our grow media creates the conditions that support optimal germination and root development, while avoiding holding too much moisture at the stem where wet rot and opportunistic microorganisms are a concern. Ultimately, we know that food safety is top on an indoor grower’s list of priorities. As such, our products start clean and are designed to stay clean while they work, giving you less work to do and less worry till the moment you put it back into the ground, completing your closed-loop agriculture journey.

Fits All Growing Systems
ReNu Terra grow media and substrates are designed to provide optimal performance regardless of whether they are used in NFT, DFT, Aeroponic, SAEF, drip systems or any other method. The nature of the fibers, the way the internal matrix is structured, and the density of the materials all ensure that the balance between air and moisture will be maintained and that undesirable microorganisms and insects will be prevented from gaining a foothold. We know that the indoor growers we serve have many ways of doing what they do, growing crops using various cultivation systems and techniques. But one factor remains the same: all of them need grow media that consistently works well in all scenarios. We test our products in various locations, simulating scenarios that apply to diverse growers and settings, to ensure that we have perfected our approach and can confidently offer the high performance solutions that we would want to use ourselves.

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