Get To Know Our Grow Media: ReNu Terra & Sustainability

Get To Know Our Grow Media: ReNu Terra & Sustainability

ReNu Terra fully compostable grow media

(Recent version of ReNu Terra to be revealed at Indoor Agcon)

As some of you may have seen, last year we soft launched our fully compostable grow media, ReNu Terra. The response was overwhelmingly positive and since then, we’ve had our ears to the ground, worked on the minute details, and taken on feedback from initial trials, all in order to perfect the product so that indoor growers are using the most high quality option that currently exists in the market.

Now, we’re pleased to finally announce that the latest version of ReNu Terra is almost ready for indoor growers! Before it hits the market, we thought you should get to know ReNu Terra a little bit better. Here’s what we’ve worked on since then.


First up: How We Optimized for SUSTAINABILITY -



It’s no secret that sustainability is very high on our list of priorities here at Re-Nuble, and we have kept it in focus with the development of ReNu Terra, our fully compostable grow media. It’s why we spent at least seven years in research development as cradle to cradle product development is core to our mission. What happens to grow media once growers are done with it is just as important as where it originates. With the exception of rockwool and biochar, most grow media are manufactured using synthetic or natural materials that are organic in nature and therefore degrade over time under the right conditions. While most of these are compostable, many require an industrial composting process to break down completely within a reasonable amount of time. At Re-Nuble, our ReNu Terra grow media line has been designed to be composted in any standard residential or commercial composting system within a few months not years. Within a month for the packaging it comes in. This way, we help indoor growers become closed-loop, while the waste is turned into value simply and quickly. At the end of it, our grow media and its packaging can be put to use and recirculated into the food system that much sooner.



Another product development focus was to format ReNu Terra sheets and case sizes to achieve maximum growing impact with minimum carbon footprint. From a transportation perspective, we’ve designed it whereby each of our cases, containing 4000 plugs each (1” plugs), stack to fill pallets completely. By doing so, this allows us to stack two-high in semi trailers. For indoor growers, this means that when a truckload of ReNu Terra is ordered, there is no wasted space in the trailer and growers are getting the most out of the fuel, minimizing GHG emissions resulting from logistics. In addition, because our dimensions allow us to stack pallets and completely fill trailers, this means that logistics companies don’t need to unload our cargo in transit to reconfigure their loads. This saves time and fuel. From the procurement of our raw materials, to the production of our products, to the delivery to your doorstep, we take pride in ensuring that our carbon footprint and ecological impact are minimal.


Next week, we'll look into what you can expect from ReNu Terra's performance. In the meantime, if you will also be attending Indoor Agcon send us a note (here) to let us know you will be there. Or if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you too by reaching out to us here

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