Fully compostable grow media performance

Get To Know Our Grow Media: ReNu Terra & Performance

Fully compostable grow media performance

Last week, we looked at how we’ve optimized sustainability for our new, fully compostable, grow media, Re Nu Terra. As part of our series where we explain what we’ve been working on since we first introduced it to the market last year, we wanted to be as transparent as possible so that you know everything about what’s going into your indoor growing system. For this week, we’ll dive into ReNu Terra’s performance and if it’s up to par with industry standards.

This week, we look at: PERFORMANCE - 

ReNu Terra is organic, light, durable and clean. We also thought about the experience for a farm from the minute they touch our grow media. We have made it as easy as possible to remove that first sheet of ReNu Terra from the case through a special design, leading to zero abrasion or damage to the product and no dust or fiberglass whatsoever. With our ReNu Terra line of grow media, we have worked diligently to provide all of the advantages that the best alternatives provide without any of the disadvantages associated with each of them. This is a result of years of experience that our team has accumulated growing as many types of crops in as many ways as possible, making us very familiar with the upsides and downsides that come with grow media. We want to ensure that growers don’t have to deal with grow media durability or design issues ever again, while still being an active participant of climate-smart agriculture.

ReNu Terra is made from natural and sustainable organic fibers specially formulated for the task of pampering an indoor growers’s seedlings and plants. The range of options, from plugs, to blocks, to slabs, are all wrapped in an organic bio-polymer that prevents any and all loose fibers and particulates from making a mess in your grow space or creating an issue in your cultivation systems.

Next week, we'll look into what you can expect from ReNu Terra's versatility.

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