FAQ - ReNu Terra Mats - Mat Thickness

FAQ - ReNu Terra Mats - Mat Thickness

Our Senior Director of R&D, JC Chidiac, sheds light on how the thickness of our ReNu Terra mats impact how you grow microgreens and babygreens.


Main Takeaways:

  • ReNu Terra Mats come in two desired thicknesses. Our ReNu Terra Mats Plus is first available as a one-half an inch (1/2 inch) thickness in order to cover a wide range of crops and for more unique, shallower tray set ups. This mat thickness is more favorable to crops that prefer less density and slightly more air porosity.
  • Whereas, our ReNu Terra (Standard) Mats available as one-quarter (1/4th inch) thickness and is more compressed and has slightly more air filled porosity.
  • Despite these subtle differences, both mats have an EC of 0.1, a well balanced moisture capacity and air porosity throughout, and a Cation Exchange Capacity  of 7.0.


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