Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Grow Media Higher Moisture Retention

FAQ - ReNu Terra Mats - How Well Do ReNu Terra Mats Absorb and Retain Moisture?


We spent an incredible amount of time investing in research and development (R&D) testing our ReNu Terra Mat's impact on the following attributes as an effort to derisk our products for customers:

  • Longevity with moisture retention and aeration
  • Ease of handling
  • Zero risk and/or disruption to a commercial farm's production environment

Our Senior Director of R&D, JC Chidiac, sheds light on how well our ReNu Terra mats perform in relation to moisture retention in the above video and data below.


Main Takeaways:

When our irrigation guidance and best practices are followed, we observe the following benefits that our ReNu Terra Mats provide in comparison to competing mat types per the data obtained at our R&D farm:

  • ReNu Terra mats have much higher total moisture retention while maintaining a maximum moisture content in the safe range to prevent water stress
  • ReNu Terra mats dry more slowly and safeguard against drought stress
  • ReNu Terra mats have superior aeration and increase root zone volume, which support health root systems.


Mat Dry Weight (g) Wet Weight (g) Thickness (in) Volume (in3) GWC (x) VWC (%)
RNT 51 710 0.5 100 12.9 40.21%
Jute 30 395.5 0.25 50 12.2 44.60%
Felt 24 324 0.125 25 12.5 73.22%
Hemp (coarse) 50.5 435.5 0.25 50 7.6 46.98%
Hemp (fine) 41.5 511 0.25 50 11.3 57.29%


 Re-Nuble ReNu Terra Mats - Increased Radish Microgreen Yield

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