Advantages of Using ReNu Terra Mats for Growing Microgreens and Baby Greens

Advantages of Using ReNu Terra Mats for Growing Microgreens and Baby Greens

Microgreen mats indoor growing

Microgreens are nutritious crops that are fun to grow and have a short cycle. While the majority of residential growers still use loose potting mixes to grow microgreens, commercial microgreens producers are increasingly turning to the various hydroponic microgreen mats available for more efficient and sanitary production. Still, issues pertaining to user error do occur, and each type of mat has unique advantages and disadvantages that mitigate or exacerbate issues when they do occur. At Re-Nuble, we have worked hard to optimize our ReNu Terra Mats to combine the advantages of competitors’ mats and mitigate the risk of crop loss and damage under diverse conditions.

In the case where mats are overwatered, the stability of the ReNu Terra Mats and their high air-filled porosity ensure that roots will be able to breathe regardless. This aspect minimizes the root rot that can lead to seedling damping off and crop loss. What happens with some of the conventional mats in the case of overwatering is that the structure collapses and the root zone becomes oxygen deficient, starving the roots and compromising their ability to drive growth. Even when ReNu Terra Mats are constantly saturated due to continuous irrigation, air pockets are retained that provide adequate oxygen to the root zone.
Microgreen mats grow media indoor farming

In the case where mats are underwatered or miss irrigation events for whatever reason, the high total moisture retention of the ReNu Terra Mats minimizes the damage that drought stress would cause, and the higher total volume of these mats compared to most conventional mats means that there is more space for the roots to be sheltered in a moist environment. Whereas thinner mats with higher relative moisture retention tend to dry out faster and hold less of the root structure internally, ReNu Terra Mats provide a safeguard against underwatering events and reduce the chances of crop loss and even yield reduction.
Microgreen mats indoor farm

Mold occurrence during microgreen production is not unusual, as mold spores are ubiquitous in ambient air, seed coats can harbor common mold spores, and some microgreen mats introduce additional spores to the cultivation environment. Microgreens are grown at high density, creating a humid under-canopy that favors mold growth. If the mat surface is also saturated and the materials it is made from are susceptible to mold, fungal growth can get out of control and lead to low yield and quality as well as damping off of seedlings in extreme cases. Fortunately, ReNy Terra Mats undergo thorough sterilization during manufacturing, and the materials they are made of are not especially susceptible to molding. They also tend to have drier top surfaces due to their increased thickness and the porosity of the material, so the reduce the incidence of mold and help prevent crop damage.
Microgreen mats indoor growing grow mediaMicrogreen mats indoor growing grow media

Optimal Growth
In a best-case scenario where no issues arise, ReNu Terra Mats support higher microgreens yields and quality than competitors’ mats across all species.

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This is because their design facilitates exceptional germination, root penetration and development, and shoot growth. They do this not only because of the materials used, but also because of how they are manufactured. ReNu Terra Mats are designed to hold more water and air than conventional mats without the use of additional material, and this creates conditions for healthy root systems that drive rapid shoot growth. The surface of the mats are structured in a way that wicks water to promote seed germination, and the open pore structure enables easy rooting whether pressure is applied to the germinated seeds or not.
Microgreen mats indoor growing grow media
Microgreen mats indoor growing grow media
Microgreen mats indoor growing grow media
Microgreen mats indoor growing grow media


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