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FAQ Series: Water Quality

Our team felt that it was important to share with you commonly asked questions raised by farms about our water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrient product called Away We Grow® (4-1-1). We share them here with you so that you're also aware of the latest.

In this video, Tinia Pina, Founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, visually demonstrates the water quality of Away We Grow®. Luckily, its use is very similar to how farms currently grow food using synthetic mineral salts - clean, clear, and not viscous, as experienced with other organic nutrient sources. Best of all, the Re-Nuble team is diverting food waste from landfills! With this innovative technology, Tinia and the Re-Nuble team is able to remove carbon emissions for every acre of farm that uses its Away We Grow® to grow food by eliminating the usage of synthetic mineral salts.

How does this make your job easier to grow nutritionally robust, sustainable, local, and consistently yielding plants and food?

  • No hassle - the water irrigation and fertigation management is the same experience as encountered with synthetic mineral salts.
  • No additional equipment or additional technologies needed - one can use the same EC and pH meters (handheld or automated) to monitor for water quality
  • No additional microbial supplementation - saving you time and money as  our liquid, water-soluble organic hydroponic nutrient, Away We Grow, is ready for immediate use.

We believe that successful farming in greenhouses, vertical farming, and within other controlled environment agriculture settings is not only measured by yields and productivity per square foot but also the overall operational sustainability (both financial and environmental) of one's farm.


0:20 - Description of FAQ: Water quality from using Away We Grow
0:32 - Items being used to test water quality and steps being taken
2:22 - Pouring of Away We Grow into water
3:13 - Usage of air stone
3:47 - Breakdown of ingredients in Away We Grow
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