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FAQ Series: Consistency of Product

Our team felt that it was important to share with you commonly asked questions raised by farms about our water-soluble, organic hydroponic nutrient product called Away We Grow® (4-1-1). We share them here with you so that you're also aware of the latest.

In this video, Tinia Pina, Founder and CEO of Re-Nuble, reviews how we are able to consistently source and sterilize vegetative byproducts (also known as food waste) for our water-soluble, liquid organic hydroponic nutrient, Away We Grow®. From how the food waste is sourced to how it's processed, we share how we control for pathogens (through sterilization), measure our method, and monitor for proper recordkeeping to assure farms that we have control of all risks.

How does this make your job easier to grow nutritionally robust, sustainable, local, and consistently yielding plants and food?

  • You will always reach a consistent NPK baseline, as assured by our Guaranteed Analysis, with each manufactured product batch.
  • Any pathogen risks are mitigated through our robust sterilization process.
  • Obtaining organic certification is easier as you'll be able to attest to the consistency of our product.

0:50 - Description of FAQ - Food sourcing and sterilization for Away We Grow
1:02 - Sample of vegetative food byproducts used for Away We Grow and sourcing explanation 
2:13 - Pasteurization process of vegetative food byproducts
3:10 - Monitoring of food safety
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