Re-Nuble Is Going To Bon Appétech

Re-Nuble Is Going To Bon Appétech

Written By Tinia Pina

Hi Everyone!

We have some great news, especially for our supporters in the Bay Area – Re-Nuble will be in San Francisco for the Bon Appétech Startup Expo and Conference from October 2-4, 2015!

We at Re-Nuble like to think we’re at the forefront of food and agriculture innovation, having identified emerging trends in AgTech, food sustainability and food production when we started four years ago. Being the inaugural conference on exactly these issues, we’re excited to participate in Bon Appétech as a startup expo exhibitor. If all goes according to plan, we’ll make it through the expo and be selected to formally pitch our products to an esteemed panel of judges as part of the Food/AgTech Startup (software and hardware) track.

Our good friend, Lisa Curtis, Founder and CEO of Kuli Kuli Foods will be joining Re-Nuble at Bon Appétech. While there, Re-Nuble is especially keen on meeting and hearing from Benzi Ronen of Farmigo, Greta Caruso of GoodEggs, Renata Quintini of Felicis Ventures and Lauren Shimek of Ideo. For an AgTech enthusiast, it’s truly a dream come true to have all of these leaders in one space!

Re-Nuble is a startup centered on resource efficiency, so we’re always aware what our activities mean for the environment. Traveling to San Francisco from New York for Bon Appétech is therefore something we carefully considered. We’re excited to make the trip to California for several reasons. First, with a drought now officially considered the most severe in 500 years, the west coast is increasingly turning to highly water efficient solutions – including hydroponic farming – to meet its state agricultural production demands. Second, as an international hub of technology innovation, San Francisco and Bon Appétech are home to a different set of investors and funders than in New York. Third, with our product line launching within the year, Re-Nuble is always looking for new marketing and distribution partners, customers and other stakeholders. Showcasing our work for the first time in California is a necessary and great first step in achieving all three goals.

To us, good food innovation means using natural inputs in place of chemicals without compromising efficiency. We’re passionate about bringing healthy and affordable food options to everyone by increasing domestic food supplies in a safe and responsible manner. Bon Appétech is a great new initiative to help companies create a sustainable food future, and we at Re-Nuble are excited to be a part of this innovative inaugural event.

If you’re planning on attending Bon Appétech, feel free to contact Tinia beforehand. If you can’t make Bon Appétech but would like to hear more, stay tuned for updates on this blog, live Tweets, Facebook posts and pictures! Cheers, The Re-Nuble staff

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